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Key Lock/Unlock Services – Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and The Wider Midlands Region

Taybar Security offers a professional lock and unlock service which is designed to assist businesses, giving them peace of mind that their site has been patrolled, secured, alarmed and made safe by one of our mobile officers. The service of lock and unlock has many benefits, with limiting keyholders and protecting your staff in connection to lone worker compliance. Our knowledgeable and competent mobile officers will provide a hassle-free service to ensure your business is safe and secure. Many business, including schools, council buildings, academies, universities, commercial and domestic clients have utilised this service to support operational needs. The service we offer is both effective an efficient by securing your premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your premises will be locked down after late workers and cleaners have left, and the re-opened before your staff and cleaners arrive.
What Can You Expect From Taybar Security?

  • A site visit is conducted and detailed processes and procedures are created with our customers.
  • A risk assessment is carried out to ensure quality and safety for our customers and their staff.
  • Our security personnel are briefed on the assignment to ensure we adhere to processes and procedures in safeguarding your business.
  • All keys are stored safely in a British standard, industry-regulated sealed pouch; we pride ourselves on the highest levels of regulation with holding your keys.
  • Our service takes away the need for your business to rely on members of staff to lock up the premises, which may violate the Lone Worker Policy.
  • We would also look to add digital checkpoints so we can ensure processes such as internal and external patrols where required are carried out when we lock and unlock.
  • Whilst carrying out internal and external patrols, our officers will check many aspects such as ensuring fire exits are closed and accessible, windows are closed, other access points are secured, lights are switched off, and that the perimeter of the business is safe and secure.
  • Where possible we will install our security signage in agreed locations; this starts to form part of our deterrent approach.
  • Mobile patrols and other services can be added to your assignment; this may provide a greater deterrent of risk to your business.
  • Once your assignment goes live, we take the responsibility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • On any activation or escalation, our rapid response mobile security officers are deployed by Taybar Security’s control centre.
  • Once onsite, our mobile officers will conduct a thorough sweep of the entire site/premises both internally and externally.
  • If a break-in/intrusion or other serious situation has occurred, the mobile officers will respond by contacting emergency services, liaising with the relevant business contact, securing the premises, and they will only leave once measures of safeguarding the business are complete.
  • Detailed reports will be available post-activation of alarm or response to a situation by 11am on the next working day.
  • Taybar Security offices and control centres are based across the wider midlands region.
A Key Lock/Unlock Service You Can Trust

Businesses without a reliable key lock service are taking a needless risk every night their last member of staff leaves, with the premises left at the mercy of those in the area. Taybar Security has worked with more than 1,100 customers across the midlands area, ensuring their sites are secure and, therefore, protecting their property, assets, and staff.

The patrol guard tag system we put in place will ensure the building is secure so there is no risk of any windows being left open - inviting in passing-by opportunists. All doors are locked and the alarm system is set. We will also ensure that all lights and heating systems are turned off, unless specifically asked not to. This keeps the running costs of your premises down and supports our sustainability approach.

SIA Approved Lock/Unlock Security Guards

In order to uphold our high standards, we have a robust recruitment process which ensures only the most qualified and competent security officers form part of our team at Taybar Security. We undertake a comprehensive vetting process which includes full background checks. We require our security guards to be SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved and licensed, and we also require all our lock and unlock personnel to have at least five years of experience in the field. Every officer will be well presented in uniform and will be trained to uphold the professional service and values of Taybar Security. We pride ourselves on providing regular training and development, keeping Taybar Security ahead of its competitors and maintaining industry best practices.

Why Should You Choose Taybar Security?

Here at Taybar Security, we have over 20 years of experience in the security industry, providing services to a multitude of different businesses and establishments. Councils, schools, offices, manufacturing, warehousing and retailers have enlisted and trusted us with their lock and unlock needs. We pride ourselves on our core values of providing an incomparable reliable and professional service.

We have developed our key lock service to extend far beyond simply locking up and unlocking again. Our guards will patrol the area and are expertly trained to deal with emergency responses where needed, ensuring should the worst happen, we will be able to deal with the matter at hand in a swift and professional way.

We will be available to you 24/7 – any time day or night, at the weekends and on bank holidays. Most importantly, we will listen to your requirements and provide a secure service that suits your business practices.

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