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July 1, 2021

For businesses everywhere, maintaining fluid and consistent service is essential to making a good first impression and retaining clients in any capacity. This is the goal for all business owners, but it’s inevitable that there will be times when staff are off sick, on annual leave or are unable to tend to every single task at hand due to a lack of human resources.

In addition to providing your clients with an unfaltering service, you also need to ensure your visitors and your staff are safe. This means hiring security to man the doors and ensure there are no breaches of safety. Every business can benefit from hiring manned security guards, but their services extend further than just securing the safety of your premises and those inside of it.

You can tackle the issue of any gaps in service through staff absences at the same time as making your clients feel safe and protecting your premises simply by hiring concierge security.

What is Concierge Security?

Concierge security is a different service from other types of security like door supervisors and manned security because they are trained in both the security and customer service sectors.

Concierge security services are employed in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals/medical treatment facilities
  • Large office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Apartment buildings
  • Council/government establishments
  • Public/tourist hotspots

There are no restrictions on where concierge security can be installed.

Why Choose Concierge Security?

You might be wondering why you should choose concierge security over other types of security like static guards. As mentioned previously, many businesses will have to consider whether their existing staff have the support they need at the same time as ensuring the premises and everyone inside of it feels safe.

Whilst static security guards and manned officers focus solely on security, concierge security guards are able to do this at the same time as assisting your reception staff and providing essential customer service to your building’s visitors.

Some visitors can feel intimidated by the presence of uniformed door supervisors and it can make them feel more unsafe in certain circumstances. In this event, concierge security guards who have undergone specialised training in both security and customer service can put guests at ease and make them feel both welcome and secure.

What is a Concierge Security Officer?

A professionally trained security concierge officer is multi-faceted and can cover/assist your employees in addition to securing your place of work. This means you needn’t worry about hiring additional staff to support your existing team as well as hiring separate security – a concierge security officer can lend themselves to both roles.

A typical concierge security officer will be able to:

  • Man the doors of your premises
  • Identify any suspicious activity/threats to safety
  • Check bags and deliveries arriving at the premises
  • Take appropriate action to resolve security breaches efficiently and professionally
  • Meet and greet visitors/residents
  • Check-in guests
  • Provide visitors and clients with directional information
  • Cover reception staff when needed

Generally speaking, concierge security will be able to tend to any and all customer service tasks whilst securing your building at the same time. They can adapt seamlessly into your team and provide your guests with the same level of friendly and functional service as your other team members.

Taybar Security Concierge Services

All of Taybar Security’s concierge security officers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and approved. This means all of our guards are professionally trained to secure your premises and deal with any threats to its safety and the safety of those inside the building in a swift and efficient way.

As well as being trained in security, our concierge security all have experience in customer service and/or management in some capacity.

We only hire agents who have previous experience in the field and we match them up directly with your business and its needs. Each officer will undergo a training programme to ensure they are familiar with our high-quality service and approach to work. Once we’re happy with their progress, they will be assigned to you. They will follow the assignment brief we will have mapped out in coalition with you.

We routinely check in on their progress and monitor the work they are doing to ensure it is of the highest possible standard, and we will track their work and collate it in a report that we can send to you on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on your preference.

At the same time as selecting a primary concierge security officer for your business, we also select a substitute who will be of the same calibre and who will be able to step in when your designated officer is on annual leave or absent. This ensures there are no breaks in service which, as we mentioned previously, is key to retaining a loyal client base for your business.

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If you’d like to find out more about concierge security services at Taybar Security, please contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with a more in-depth look at the concierge services we offer, as well as answering any questions you have about finding out what type of security is the best for your business.

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