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October 12, 2020

A Mobile Patrol is a highly visible security patrol conducted by a Security Industry Authority (SIA) trained Mobile Security Officer, each officer is fully licensed and equipped with full uniform & PPE. The Mobile Patrol Officer travels between multiple client’s sites throughout each shift, ensuring physical presence is provided externally and internally. All Mobile Security Officers go through rigorous training to ensure they are fully compliant with legislation, health & safety, site instructions and other client requests.

Many large businesses, industrial estates, private properties, schools, councils, NHS facilities, retail stores and motor trade companies benefit from Mobile Security Patrols. Costing a fraction of a fixed security officer’s cost but providing an adequately similar presence ensuring security is not compromised.

The client’s site is patrolled and protected; we also utilise an assigned tagged checkpoint system. Tagged checkpoints are areas of significant or high risk which need to be checked thoroughly, usually situated around perimeter fencing, entrances to buildings or even in internal locations. Tagged checkpoints allow each client to follow up on patrols, which can be tracked live via GPS tracking. Alongside this, each vehicle is also equipped with a GPS tracker to confirm the officer’s location, arrival time and exit time from the site. This also records officer’s performance ensuring they are abiding to speed limits and travel advice, encouraging the most economical route to factor in our environmental policy as well as comply with our health and wellbeing measures.

Each site's patrol is usually conducted at random or fixed timings to deter or prevent attempted break-ins, trespassers, or risks to the public. This process provides an excellent visual deterrent whilst remaining cost-effective, ensuring client's sites are always safe and secure. Mobile Patrol reports with any incidents etc are made available to customers on a frequency that the customer would prefer. This can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

What Is A Mobile Patrol Officer?

A Mobile Patrol Officer is a fully uniformed Security Officer who has vast experience and competence within Mobile Security Patrols and Keyholding duties. Each officer undergoes rigorous training to ensure they are competent with the everchanging role of a Mobile Security Officer and must be able to pro-actively react quickly and efficiently ensuring he acts in a manner that protects people and business assets.

A Mobile Patrol Officer's duties include;

  • Random security patrols across a variety of sites through specific areas.
  • Detailed internal and external inspections ensuring no breaches or damage.
  • Ensuring client sites are safe and hazard-free.
  • Removing any trespassers or unwanted guests.
  • Scanning designated tagged checkpoints to ensure client's requests are met and all requirements are satisfied on each patrol.
  • Highly visible presence, physically and visually that acts as a deterrent.
  • Knowledgeable Mobile Officer who can respond and deal with issues swiftly and effectively ensuring no issues with client’s day to day operation.
  • Cover 24 hours per day/ 365 days per year.
  • Ensure fire safety procedures are in place, fire doors closed, fire exits areas clear and free from any trip hazards etc.
  • Thorough internal patrols checking areas of the building that may be of greater risk or not covered by CCTV.
  • Ensure that current security measures at client’s premises are all in good working order.

Taybar Security ensures it provides a fully liveried mobile patrol vehicle and uniformed mobile security officers on each visit. Our highly visible presence will ensure that all potential wrongdoers will have a clear understanding that the site is being patrolled and guarded and is under permanent security watch. This is further reinforced by our security signage which clearly notifies all intruders, trespassers or the public, employees, and contractors that our security service is in operation 24 hours per day.

Benefits of a Mobile Patrol

Investing in a mobile patrol for your site offers a number of benefits and when combined with our Key Holding and Alarm Response service this provides a fully serviced security solution for your property. Whether this is protection, responding to CCTV activations, Fire Alarms, or Intruder Alarms.

Why business choose Mobile Security Patrols;

  • ✓ Highly visible mobile security vehicles combined with uniformed Mobile Security Officers.
  • ✓ Mobile Security Patrols are visually striking, they ensure that vandals, trespassers, travellers, thieves or other criminally minded opportunists are aware that security measures are in place as a deterrent.
  • ✓ Providing cost-effective security without a fixed hourly cost that better supports various budgets.
  • ✓ Able to cover multiple client’s sites throughout a region.
  • ✓ It offers peace of mind for clients protecting buildings, storage and other assets.
  • ✓ It can be used alongside further security measures such as CCTV and Alarm Response.
  • ✓ The Mobile Patrol Service has an emergency rapid response to our client’s sites to investigate damage, break-ins or natural hazards such as fire and flooding.
  • ✓ Clients have complete control over the frequency of checks and can add additional checks if required due to changing and evolving situations such as pandemics.
  • ✓ It offers additional security to your staff that may work alone late in the evening or night.

Some businesses that occupy the same commercial park may even choose to invest in a mobile patrol as a group, ensuring that they have additional security for their property while keeping the service cost-effective.

Mobile Patrol and Lock / Unlock or Keyholding Services

For reassurance and reduced risk around key management and key movement, businesses can choose to combine their Mobile Patrol service with Keyholding and Alarm Response or Lock and Unlock services.

Keyholding services can help to reduce insurance costs and ensure businesses are meeting their legal responsibilities to lone workers on-site and provide a rapid response to requests out of hours. Keyholding services remove the need for a designated member of staff which isn’t always practical due to risks, role changes and leavers, whereas an appointed security company can service the business in the long-term.

Lock and Unlock Services provide a similar service to keyholding with the additional benefit of Unlocking or Locking of your premises at a preferred time. This ensures your site is professionally locked or unlocked to meet insurance and site requirements.

In combination with the Mobile Patrol Checkpoint Tagging System, as security personnel carries out the end of day processes including turning off lights, securing internal rooms, shutting down heating or cooling systems and locking gates, each point is scanned and a detailed report generated. Security guards will also carry out internal mobile patrol services including checking fire doors, windows and exits, removing hazards and ensuring there are no further members of staff in the building prior to locking up.

Security Solutions from Taybar Security

We are experienced in providing quality, full service security solutions for commercial properties, construction sites, schools and retail buildings in our supported areas across the Midlands, including Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton, Cannock, Staffordshire, Telford and Shropshire.

Whether you need security 24/7, all-year-round or scheduled security checks throughout the week out of hours, or random security patrols. We are happy to help and will carry out detailed risk assessments and assignment instructions on-site and provide regular reports to keep you informed on the safety and security of your property.

You can get in touch with our team for a free quote via our contact page or give us a call on 08453 454542 or email us at enquiries@taybar.co.uk.

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