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Leicester is one of the oldest cities within the UK, homing a population of around 330,000 people. This bustling city also contains many fine educational establishments such as the University of Leicester and many others. Many great businesses have rooted in Leicester, making it a thriving location.

Leicester is a hotspot for many industries and institutions, which also makes it a hotspot for crime. Many businesses have lost hundreds and thousands of pounds in damages due to not understanding the importance of securing their premises efficiently.

Safeguarding these premises against dangerous opportunists and criminals is extremely important. As a leading security service, Taybar Security is able to support you in these matters, providing a variety of security services to meet your needs. Ranging from our SIA-approved security officers who are trained to protect and watch over your premises, to other methods like lock and unlock services.

Our testimonials speak for themselves about the high quality of security and consultancy services we provide. We have been providing reliable security services for over 22 years in a range of different locations across the country, working to protect multiple institutions and businesses and people. Our services of security range from keyholding and alarm, vacant property visits, man guarding, concierge security, lock and unlock and mobile patrols - all of which are accessible in Leicester.


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Protecting Your Business in Leicester

Ensuring that your business is secure and safe should be a priority. The immense risks that businesses face because they neglect the importance of security is not worth it. Criminals will not spare a second thought if they see an opportunity to cause damages to your business, in many cases causing devastating effects to companies.

To avoid the occurrence of burglary, vandalism, and petty theft, we would suggest our keyholding and alarm services, ensuring that your premises are protected at all times. We promise to provide a high standard of security 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If any disturbance occurs and our alarm is triggered, our security team will be dispatched immediately, reaching the premises in around 15-20 minutes on average.

Taybar Security also provides many other services designed to protect businesses, such as vacant property visits, lock and unlock and mobile patrols to suit your preferred method of security. Protect your business and your employees with our services, ensuring the comfort of protection.



Security For Educational Establishments in Leicester

Security of students and staff within the premises of an educational establishment is the most important requirement of the institution. Taybar Security is able to assist you in all your security needs, providing high standard services for your premises, and all onsite individuals.

Taybar Security has worked with over 700 educational establishments up and down the country, so our knowledge is advance. To protect all educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and schools, we begin with conducting site surveys. We do this so that we are able to offer you the best-tailored security package which is able to meet all the needs of the establishment.

With our services, you will never have to worry about the safety of your institution, students, and staff again as your safety will be in the hands of our confident and reliable officers.

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