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Taybar: Bourne’s Trusted Security Contractor

At Taybar, we recognise the importance of providing bespoke solutions for all of our clients, whether you’re a primary school receiving an educational establishment service in Bourne East, a small local store receiving a retail security service in Bourne Town Centre, or any other kind of business in Bourne.

That’s just one reason why we’ve been so successful at providing effective security solutions over the course of the last 20 years. By recognising the specific threats that your business faces and creating unique solutions for you and you alone, we’re able to put a plan into place that’s designed to meet any security needs that your business may have.

What’s more, any services we provide will always be delivered by experienced and SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed security officers who have been trained to meet the highest of industry standards, giving your business the highest level of protection possible.

Why Bourne Chooses Taybar

Since we first started delivering security services over two decades ago, we’ve always been driven to provide the very best for every one of our clients. From how we recruit and train our security officers to how we create the best possible solutions for our clients, there are no lengths to great that we won’t take them to be the best at what we do.

This dedication to excellence, along with our familiarity with the Bourne local area, position us as the perfect provider of security solutions for any business in Bourne, whether it’s an event security service, a site security service, or any of our other services.

Our NSI Guarding Gold Medal and our membership with ACS Pacesetters are both further testament to this, highlighting us as an expert provider and in the top 15% of all security contractors operating in the UK. With these qualifications, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to protect your business from any manner of security threats.

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

ISO9001 Quality Assured Company

SAFE Contractor Approved

24 Hour Operational Control Centre

Dedicated Contract Manager

All Security Officers DBS Approved

SIA Approved Security Solutions in Bourne

When it comes to providing security to our clients, we strive to always meet and exceed industry standards, so that you know you’re getting a high quality service.

This all starts with our recruiting process. Without the right people in place, it’s impossible to push ourselves to be the very best, which is why we’re so careful with who we bring onto our team.

Starting with a thorough vetting and background check, we then carry out carefully devised character assessments to ensure that we’re employing people with the right attitude and morals. We also make sure that all of our security officers are SIA licenced and have at least 3 years of relevant experience.

But once recruited, the testing doesn’t end for our officers. Our highly professional security officers will continue to receive regular training to make sure that their skills and knowledge are always up to scratch.

Expert Security Services for Bourne

At Taybar, we’re extremely proud of being SIA approved, and always strive to give a good name to all security contractors who hold an SIA licence by providing high quality security services.

Because we know how much of a positive impact the SIA has had on the industry. Before the SIA was introduced, there was no national licensing for security providers in the UK. This made it hard for clients to know what level of service they could expect from each provider, and made it difficult for a national benchmark to be set.

But now, clients can know immediately that they can expect a high quality service from any SIA approved contractor. What’s more, since there’s now a national minimum standard for all security providers to meet, we know where the bar is and how to raise it as high as we possibly can.

So whether you’re receiving a Mobile Patrol service, a key holding and alarm response service, or any of our other expert services, you can be sure that we’re providing you a service that has officially been approved.

Providing Comprehensive Security Services for Bourne

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Bourne

By quickly reacting when the alarm is raised and securely holding your keys, we keep your business safe even when it’s closed.

Site Security in Derby Bourne

While construction sites may tempt criminals in a number of ways, our Site Security service both deters and responds to any number of criminal activities you’re likely to face.

Door Supervisors in Bourne

By providing a reliable Door Security service, we help you to control who enters your business and keep your guests safe, all while communicating with your team throughout.

Lock and Unlock Services in Bourne

By patrolling your premises, locking and unlocking as scheduled, and setting alarms, we’re able to both deter and respond to any number of security threats to your business.

Mobile Patrols in Bourne

Delivered by SIA approved security officers who follow procedures created to protect your business, our Mobile Patrol service provides effective security for your business.

Retail Security in Bourne

Whatever size your retail business is, and wherever it’s located, we’re able to create the perfect security solution to protect you from all the security threats that you might face.

Manned Guarding in Bourne

By setting up a Manned Guard station, our experienced security officers give your business a security point that’s easy to locate in the event of any security incident or emergency.

Education Establishment Security in Bourne

We’ve already delivered expert security services to over 700 settings across the UK, giving us the experience to provide effective solutions for any of our educational clients.

Concierge Security in Bourne

Through a personable customer service that keeps your guests happy coupled with an expert security service, our reliable concierge security officers solve two problems in one go.

Vacant Property security in Bourne

Leaving your property empty while you’re away always runs a risk of trespassing, vandalism, and more, which is why we’re proud to be able to protect your property from these threats.

Vacant Property security in Bourne

Leaving your property empty while you’re away always runs a risk of trespassing, vandalism, and more, which is why we’re proud to be able to protect your property from these threats.

Sarah Craven-

Intervention Mentor

Meole Brace School Science College

I just wanted to thank Taybar Security for the helpful service and security personnel provided who have helped with our events throughout the past few years. The security service that we received was great, very professional and polite. We would definitely recommend Taybar Security and look forward to working with them in the near future.”

Jennifer Harrower-

Area Facilities Officer

Shropshire Council

I cannot recommend the team of Taybar Security highly enough. In my experience Taybar are extremely reliable and will bend over backwards to help out, often going the extra mile to ensure a job is done in a timely fashion. They have always responded to any call out promptly and take immediate action to secure a building if the need has arisen.

Claire Hambleton -


Shropshire Housing Group

We have been using Taybar Security for a considerable amount of time now. We have found the service to be first class. Our requests are picked up immediately and actioned. Whenever we have had to change our security arrangements these are met very promptly. Dealing with Taybar’s management team is always a pleasure. We trust Taybar and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Bourne’s Local Area

Located in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, the historic market town of Bourne sits just 17 miles north of Peterborough. Thanks to the Domesday Book of 1086 and the historic Bourne Abbey, we know that its history dates back as early as the 11th Century, but it’s likely that its origins date back even earlier.

The town saw a boom in population and wealth during the industrial revolution thanks to improved employment prospects and better transportation links. Baldocks Mill was one of the most notable employers in the area, with the mill now serving as a heritage centre. Alongside milling, the brewing industry was another of Bourne’s key sources of wealth.

The town’s market was one of its key sources of commerce for centuries. The market is still operating today as it provides a place for local traders to do business and the community to gather.

Other notable sites in the town are the Bourne Eau, a waterway that was vital to the towns trade during the industrial revolution, Bourne Woods which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and the Wellhead Gardens, which provide a recreational area for the locals of the town.

Unlocking a vacant property

Bourne’s Crime Stats

Out of Lincolnshire’s 563 cities, towns, and villages, Bourne comes in at the 117th most dangerous place to live, placing it marginally outside of the top 20%.

And according to the statistics, crime in Bourne is getting worse over time, with a 40% increase in crime between 2017 and 2020, and a further 39% increase from 2021 to 2022.

In terms of areas in Bourne, Bourne East sees the higher rate of crime, with Bourne West experiencing a slightly lower rate.

When it comes to the types of crime that Bourne is facing, violence and sexual offences are the most prevalent crimes by a large margin, making up roughly 40% of all crimes in the area. This is followed by Anti-Social behaviour (15%), Public Disorder (8%), and Burglary (8%).

Luckily there’s help at hand. Thanks to our wealth of experience, wide range of services, and in depth knowledge of the Bourne area, Taybar are able to provide any Bourne business or resident with a reliable security service.

So whether you need an event security service for your business, an educational establishment service for your educational setting, or any other kind of security service, you can trust us to keep your property and its inhabitants safe at all times.

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