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May 30, 2021

At Taybar Security, our guards utilise a patrol guard tag system when undertaking their duties. This is an integral part of our service and plays a vital role in our reporting and logging system. By looking at patrol logs, we are able to identify that your assigned security officer has successfully patrolled a certain area on their route, and we can see what time they checked in.

What is a Patrol Guard Tag System?

In short, patrol guard tag systems are electronic checkpoints that are dotted along a designated patrol route. Our security guards scan the checkpoints when they pass them to confirm that they have undertaken their assigned route and to log the time they got there.

Why Use Patrol Guard Tags?

There are a number of reasons why we use a patrol guard tag system, namely because it allows our guards to track the areas they have already patrolled. This is beneficial when undertaking larger patrol routes, as is so often done by our mobile security officers.

In addition to this, logging checkpoint times is ideal when planning effective patrol times. We have been providing unbeatable security solutions for over 25 years which means we are experts on the habits of antisocial criminals, especially when it comes to preventing an issue. Most criminals try and identify timelines by watching a property over the course of a few weeks, and for this reason, our guards never conduct patrols at set times. Instead, we spontaneously patrol areas at varied times so that there are no identifiable timelines. This is made easier by looking at the times logged on the patrol system.

Another reason we use patrol guard tags is as part of our reporting system. We provide our clients with weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly reports depending on their preferences. Checkpoint data from the patrol guard tag system can form part of our reports so that our clients can see the areas we are patrolling and at what time, giving them peace of mind that our security officers are doing an effective job as per the remits of the contract.

Where are Patrol Guard Tags Used?

There are many instances in which we utilise the patrol guard tag system, namely in commercial settings. Although we can and do offer security services to residential properties, they are typically not as large and so don’t necessarily need a tracking system. In contrast, commercial properties are large and spacious, and many sit on open plots and land. With such a large area to cover, a patrol tag system is effective so that our guards know where they’ve been and so that our clients know every area has been patrolled.

Some of the commercial areas where we use a patrol tag system include:

  • Shopping centres
  • Shops and retail units
  • Supermarkets
  • Public buildings e.g. libraries
  • Warehouses and storage facilities

In addition to commercial premises, we also utilise the patrol tag system in healthcare settings.

Patrol Guard Tag Services 

Our security packages are flexible and bespoke. This means as a client, you can mix and match the services you need in order to form the best package for your premises. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing industry-leading security services. We will carefully listen to your needs and assess the services we think might be best for you. This includes deciding whether or not installing a patrol guard tag system will be beneficial to both you and our officers. Services in which we may incorporate the tag system include:

If we do decide to utilise the patrol tag system, we will need to install checkpoints around your property. We will conduct a site inspection beforehand to identify possible patrol routes, and we will liaise with you to understand the areas you think would benefit from being monitored as part of a patrol route. We will then discuss installing the checkpoints. Typically, we also install signage in an effort to deter antisocial behaviour, so we will discuss this with you also.

Find Out More Information 

If you would like to learn more about the patrol guard tag system, or if you want to discuss how Taybar Security can help you protect your premises and the people/items within it, please get in touch. We cover the majority of the West Midlands and the surrounding areas. Alternatively, please call us on 08453 454542.



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