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Anyone who’s been to a large event is likely to have an idea of the potential dangers. From crushing and poor crowd control to drunken and aggressive behaviour, there can be a lot of concern for an event-goer. The vast majority of the time though, events experience no security problems - this is thanks to the security team working hard to keep it that way.

That’s why when you’re running an event, you want to have a reliable and experienced security team working with you to keep everyone at your event safe by preventing incidents from occurring and reacting quickly and professionally whenever something does happen.

But what exactly does a security team do at your event, and how do you know what type of security you need?

What Does Security at an Event Look Like?

If you’re hiring security for your event, their number one priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of your guests and staff. Exactly how they’ll do this will depend on the size, nature, and location of your event, but typical security measures that will be in place include:

  • Security officers at the entrances and throughout your venue
  • Metal detectors and bag searches on entry
  • CCTV cameras
  • Security alarms
  • Close protection for any performers

What Security Measures Should Your Event Have?

At first, it may seem obvious how much security you’ll need for your event. You may think that larger events which involve music are more likely to need a larger security team with more stringent measures in place, whereas smaller events will need less security.

But there are going to be events that don’t fit the norm. For example, if you’re hosting a book signing with a controversial author, you may have to consider whether unruly protesters may gather outside your event. While this is just one example, it show’s why it’s always worth taking the time to carefully examine your event and all the risks involved and perhaps formally documenting this in a risk assessment.

When you’re carrying out this risk assessment, some of the factors you’ll have to consider will include:

  • The size of your venue
  • How many people you expect to have at your event
  • The nature of your event
  • The likelihood of drugs, anti-social behaviour, or violence at your event
  • How long your event will run for

Take all of these factors into account to decide on the security you need, but any experienced security provider will be able to provide detailed advice.

What Security Risks Are Likely at an Event?

When you’re bringing a large group of people together for a big event, you want to be able to control the situation as much as possible in order to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone’s having a good time. Failure to do so can result in any of the following consequences, to name but a few of the most likely.


In recent years, we’ve seen examples of events where organisers haven’t effectively managed crowds, resulting in too many people trying to gather in one place and ultimately leading to crushing. It’s up to you to make sure that your venue isn’t getting overcrowded.

Having a security team who knows the venue limits and can control how many people are gathering in one area is one of the best ways to prevent overcrowding.

Drugs and Controlled Substances

The likelihood of people trying to bring drugs into your event is going to range widely depending on the type of event. If you’re running a poetry meet, you’re probably unlikely to find a large amount of people wanting to take drugs at your event. On the other hand, large music concerts and festivals are almost guaranteed to have people trying to bring illegal substances in.

By hiring a professional security team to carry out searches of your guests on entry, you can greatly reduce the chance of drugs being brought into your event, and if any drugs do make it in, your security team will be well-trained to find out where they are and deal with the situation.

Positive Atmosphere

Anyone attending a large event will know that on some level, there are dangers involved. Whether it be from overcrowding, being exposed to people who’ve taken drugs, or even some level of violence, your guests will want to know that you as the organiser have taken every step possible to keep them safe. Bringing in a reliable security team does this, leading to a happier and safer environment.


With safety being at the forefront of many people’s minds when they’re attending an event, getting a name for yourself as someone with poor security is one of the worst things you can do. It puts people off coming to your events, and can really impact your business.

A security team that projects a highly professional appearance will bolster your reputation, showing that not only do you take the safety of your customers seriously, but that you only trust an expert team to provide that security.

Why Choose Taybar Security for Your Event

At Taybar, we’ve got over two decades of experience in providing a reliable security service for all manner of events. From gigs in the local pub that require us to control access to the venue to stadium-sized events hosting over 15,000 people that need us to deliver a wide range of services, our SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved security officers have the knowledge, training and experience to provide an industry-leading security service.

From Birmingham to Leeds, Sheffield to Coventry, we deliver a wide range of expert security services for events across the Midlands and South Yorkshire. By getting to know the details of your event, we’ll put together a bespoke solution that mitigates every last identifiable risk. We’ve been so effective at delivering effective security services, that we’ve even been awarded with the NSI Guarding Gold Medal.

To find out how we deliver industry-leading security at your event, contact us today.

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