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April 5, 2022

Although CCTV and other crime deterrent systems are more advanced than they ever have been, the effectiveness of SIA-manned guarding services remains unmatched. Anyone who needs to keep their premises safe should seriously consider 24-hour manned security.

Here at Taybar Security, this is just one of the many security services that we offer to property- and landowners across the country. The security of your premises should be at the forefront of your priorities for staff and visitors alike. Similarly, you’ve likely invested a lot of money into the property at hand, meaning that you don’t want it to be vulnerable to intrusion, vandalism, or theft. Read on to learn more about what manned guarding can do for your company.

What is Manned Guarding?

Before the benefits of manned guarding can be understood, it first must be made clear what manned guarding is. Quite simply, manned guarding is a security measure that works to protect premises from the likes of theft and disorder. The measure involves an onsite guard being present, meaning that any breaches in security can be promptly responded to. It’s the responsibility of a manned guard to assess situations and respond in the safest and most appropriate manner. The basic duties of a manned guard include shielding properties from damage and disorder, and theft, as well as protecting individuals from assault and injury.

With this being said, what exactly are the benefits of manned guarding?

A Crime Deterrent 

Firstly, having a physical guard onsite is a very effective crime deterrent, meaning that intrusion, theft, or vandalism isn’t likely to arise in the first place. Although security cameras, alarms, and lights can deter criminals, these systems present intruders with more time to escape the crime scene, whereas there is an amplified risk of getting caught with a guard on site.

Physical guards are much more intimidating to criminals than remote deterrent systems, as they feel much more threatened by a physical presence. Should they be caught, they may be physically restrained whilst the police are contacted; this is much more frightening than potentially being seen on camera.

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Trespassers can be a real problem for companies across the company, especially those with large vacant areas of land. The presence of intruders can lead to significant damage, including vandalism and theft. On top of this, hefty clean-up costs can rack up as a result of trespassers, meaning that your business will ultimately suffer financially; however, this can all be avoided with the help of manned guarding.

A guard onsite will ultimately inhibit any unwanted individuals from entering and taking up residence on your company site. Although certain architecture can be implemented, trespassers may damage this, resulting in an unsightly appearance and a hefty repair cost. A guard can simply tell trespassers to move on and contact the relevant authorities if necessary.

Instant Response

As previously mentioned, CCTV systems are extremely advanced these days; however, they don’t allow for an immediate response to issues. Instead, CCTV acts as something that is referred to after the crime has taken place. Therefore, they’re simply unable to compete with the protection that manned guarding offers.

In instances of intrusion, theft, or vandalism, guards can intervene as the crime is taking place, rather than responding afterward. Similarly, trained professionals will almost always be able to foresee an issue before it arises, meaning that they can identify problems and diffuse them before they escalate.

Varied Response

When it comes to securing your business, it’s not simply about protecting your assets from the threat of other people. In fact, premises can be vulnerable to the likes of fires and floods, which require an immediate physical response. These disasters can severely damage your property and completely inhibit it from functioning, not to mention the danger that they subject individuals to. Therefore, manned guarding can save you from paying for damage repair and potential forced closures, whilst protecting your staff from danger.

Instances such as these can often go forgotten when it comes to securing your premises, but it’s important to note that they’re just as likely and just as dangerous as threats from intruders.

Reassurance for Visitors and Staff

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to your visitors and staff alike. A guard onsite helps convey this care, meaning that your staff and visitors will feel secure and protected within the property. Not only are they there to respond to emergencies, but they can act as a friendly face in reception areas to greet guests and offer assistance to anyone who needs it. Similarly, a security officer onsite enables employees to invest all of their focus into their work, meaning that they’re able to deliver the best results for you. Ultimately, everyone can benefit from the widespread reassurance that manned guarding provides.

Guard Your Premises with Taybar Security

Taybar Security offers you a bespoke manned guarding service, allowing you to select the ideal security solution to suit your business. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you secure your business.

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